Monday, April 28, 2014

Time flies

Clearly this blog hasn't been a priority.  Having 2 kids and a full time job with more responsibilities than ever before has really cut back on my opportunity (and desire) to keep up with posting.

I'll keep this short and stick with bullet points.


  • Naia is 11 months old.  She has 3 teeth (2 bottom, 1 on top) and is crawling all over the place. 
  • She has had a horrible winter and has been sick with one thing after another since January. 
  • Due to the illnesses she still doesn't sleep well.  We are tired. 
  • She smiles all the time and has a fantastic laugh.
  • She loves to play "chase" and will crawl away from you very quickly while looking over her shoulder to make sure you are following.  She giggles the whole time. 
  • She loves her dad.  She really loves when he rubs his scratchy beard on her head.  I think it feels good since she often has cradle cap flares and itchy, dry scalp. 
  • She loves her brother and they have finally started interacting and playing together. 
  • Her favorite food are those canned sliced peaches.  She eats them by the fistful. Then she rubs her hands all over her head while giggling. 
  • She still won't hold her own bottle or drink from a sippy cup. What a princess. 
  • She is extremely nosy and will push the bottle (that I am holding for her) away so she can look around and see what Jack/the dog/her dad is doing. 

  • Jack is 5.  He has turned into a fun little person with whom I can have a whole conversation. He and I went out to lunch together this weekend.  He carried our shopping bags and grabbed a table while I paid.
  • He loves his sister and is protective of her.  He also likes to make her laugh and if he is having a bad day will ask to visit her at daycare because it makes him feel better. 
  • He is registered for kindergarten and will start in the fall.  
  • Has tried riding his bike without the training wheels. No luck yet but we will keep trying.
  • Will go ride his bike outside without Nick or me tagging along. 
  • Feeds Otto every single night.
  • Makes me laugh almost every day. 
  • Still has a few "Jack-isms" here and there. The latest"
    • (After running around)- "my heart is beeping really fast!"
  • Likes to spend time in his room "reading" his books and visiting the library is one of his favorite things to do. 
  • Is really into Lego and superheroes.  
  • Thinks farts are funny.  Always. 
  • Loves oysters, crab, and lobster but won't eat a hot dog. 

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Jennie said...

Love these lists. I laughed about Jack eating oysters and crab but won't eat a hot dog - makes it obvious where you live! I love hearing about baby Naia and seeing pictures of your precious kids. Miss you!